Experience in acting in big events in Brazil and abroad

Emergency Management

Witt O’Brien’s Brasil is the consultancy company with the largest experience in emergency response in the country. 

Since 2009, we have responded to emergencies and work in the preparation during those emergencies. We develop emergency plans and lead trainings and simulations for our customers.

We are prepared to respond to emergencies of all sizes and sectors, offering solutions applicable to our clients’ needs.

Our experience includes actuation in big events

In Brazil, we have vast experience responding to every environmental large-scale emergency, including the dam breakages of Fundão, in Mariana (MG), and of the Mina do Feijão, in Brumadinho (MG), in the oil leakages in Frade field (RJ) and in the Northeast beaches (2019), in the occasion of the Haidar’s wreck (Barcarena, 2015), in the rupture of the FPSO’s hull, in the City of Rio de Janeiro (RJ, 2019), and when the Ship MV Stellar Banner grounded, in Maranhão (2020).

Our experience includes actuation in big events

Incident Command System (ICS) Specialist

Witt O'Brien's Brasil is the leading company in the country implementing the ICS, a command and control tool created in the United States and adopted by the North American national emergency system (NIMS).

In Brazil, the ICS is used by the Civil Defense and Fire Department, and recognized by the Brazilian Navy, Ibama and the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) as the best response system to incidents in national waters.

Incident Command System (ICS) Specialist

Solutions in emergencies

Witt O’Brien’s Brasil offers a broad services portfolio that can be adapted or redesigned to every customers’ need.

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