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About us

Witt O'Brien's Brasil is a consultancy specialized in risk assessment and management, environmental management and emergencies and crisis response services.

We offer customized, integrated, and efficient solutions, meeting the prevention, preparation, response, mitigation, and recovery of our clients' businesses.

Our solutions provide sustainability and resilience, guaranteeing the overall security, environmental, financial, and operational balance of your businesses.


Founded in the United States of America more than 35 years ago, Witt O'Brien's  is a world consulting leader specializing in emergency and crisis response and it´s part of the SEACOR Inc. Group (USA).

The company established a presence in Brazil in 2011, when it formed a joint venture  with the Brazilian Group OceanPact Serviços Marítimos.

The union of the American expertise along with the integrated solutions offered within Brazil, have allowed us to expand our highly technical services and products to the national market.



We strive to create value through the use of specialized and interdisciplinary consultancy services in the areas of environment, safety and risk management, as well as all stages of a potential emergency or crisis, while promoting sustainability and resilient business operations.



Our team is composed of experienced, qualified, and versatile professionals, who work in accordance with the high quality standards of the companies we serve.

Our staff of interdisciplinary specialists includes engineers, biologists, oceanographers, geographers, among other technical and scientific specialists.

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